Se7en Bites


      If you’re looking for a tasty breakfast or brunch, or a cozy place to have a specialty dessert, Se7en Bites is the perfect spot for you. Located at 207 North Primrose Drive in Orlando, this charming little bakery goes above and beyond your typical pastry shop. With fresh ingredients and foods all made from scratch with lots of tender love and care, you would be hard pressed to find a better corner to share a Sunday afternoon with a loved one. 

    Some customer favorites are their birthday cake cupcakes, huge waffles and flaky, moist breakfast biscuits. Looking for a little something extra special? The chicken pot pie is one-of-a-kind comfort food to warm up the heart and soul. Orders are placed at the counter then delivered to your table when ready, which adds to the casual bistro feel of the business. This is no fancy pants place to blow dollars unnecessarily- the quality and homey experience will make it well worth your while.

    The bacon better chive scone is the perfect thing for a light breakfast, or the perfect addition to your salad for brunch. If you’re a Nutella fan (I know I am!), there are various types of cookies and pies that incorporate the delicious spread. With so many amazing choices to make, you might want to start by asking yourself the question- “Do I want Sweet? Savory? Or BOTH?” Hey, life is too short to pass up any of this baked goodness, I say try a bite of each!