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     Air Conditioning Repair by Promag Energy Group


Promag Energy Group provides comprehensive air conditioning repair and service in Orlando, FL. Promag has 25 years of industry experience combined with superior customer service to guarantee top notch responses. We have a motto of “If it’s gotta be cool, we have a two hour rule”.

      We Are The Complete Home Solution

We offer service, repair and maintenance on every faucet of your home every day of the year. July 4th barbecue at 2:00 PM with burger grilling, we are there. Christmas day, lights flickering and heat going? We are there. Every day, every hour and every minute of your life we are available to fix your ac, clean your ducts and keep your home comfortable to live in. Below are some of our services.

  • Plumbing System Upgrades, Repair and Maintenance
  • Electrical System Upgrades and Rewiring
  • Duct Cleaning, Repair and Sanitation
  • General Air Conditioning Repair and Service
  • HVAC System Installation and Replacements
  • Residential and Commercial Blown-In Insulation

     Commercial Services
Promag Energy Group maintains a vast commercial division as well which [provide commercial quality service and maintenance for all your business needs every day or the year with emergency service. Your business might close for the day but we are always open and ready to fix your issues. Don’t let business suffer, don’t close early, let Promag Energy get you working again.

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     You can’t go wrong with classic Italian food. A delicious salad bar, garlic knots, pizza and a variety of sandwiches and desserts give plenty of options for the hungry diner who doesn’t wish to wait! What is special is their superb quality pizza and unique choices in salad dressings- including apple fiji and mango chardonnay. 

    I am not a fan of buffets or fast-food, but their fast/buffet options were all described as way above average and very different from the run-of-the-mill restaurants like Cece’s and Panera. I love unique choices so I will definitely be trying one of their fresh salads with a new kind of dressing (I usually stick to Italian vinaigrette), before a few slices of PIZZA. 


The dough was described by one New Jersey native as on the same level as dough from back home (and that is saying a lot- us East coast natives are VERY picky about our pizza!)… he said it was “airy and fresh”! There is a dessert station which sounds pretty mouth-watering, too, with ice creams and various toppings! It is “all you can eat” for under $10 and after reading all the reviews, I must say I am tempted to go today… for lunch!

Saigon Noodle and Grill


      As someone who loves Vietnamese food, when I see a restaurant rated with 4.5 stars that offers what I’m looking for, I just can’t say no. Saigon is located at  710 S. Goldenrod Rd. in Orlando and it has a healthy amount of reviews on Yelp-  47. They also offer vegetarian offers and soups are their specialty! 

    Well-loved for their peanut dipping sauce, pork summer rolls, and their pho, the establishment is described as clean and spacious, with serving staff that go above and beyond to give you the best dining experience possible. As far as how much money you’ll be spending, their prices are reasonable and serving portions are large- be prepared to share the Saigon platter for a delicious variety of what they have to offer.

     If you’re familiar with Vietnamese coffee, you’ll definitely appreciate theirs- described by one restaurant-goer as “rich, sweet and exceptionally dark and flavorful”- I know I’ll be ending my meal with this! I am a BIG fan of coffee and especially love trying coffee from different cultures and countries.


The Gnarly Barley


      Okay, brisket tacos and too many kinds of craft beer to count – this restaurant needs no introduction. In other words, as the saying goes, “you had me at hello.” Located at 7431 South Florida Ave in Orlando, the Gnarly Barley is its own animal- famous for its delicious sandwiches and Tex-Mex themed food. You know those restaurants where the servers and bartenders actually seem to ENJOY their job? Well, this is one of those places. Service with a smile is an understatement-these awesome people are downright happy to be working at such a cool and authentic place. 

     Two special things you’ll find here are the tiger sauce and the habenero relish. The atmosphere is cozy and there are tons of beers to be sampled if you’re not sure what you like. They have $2 taco Tuesday, build your own grilled cheeses, and TV’s outside for those who want to catch the game or the fights. While the outside of the building is rather unassuming and unimpressive, it is a far cry from the quality and awesomeness of the actual restaurant INSIDE. It might look like a flimsy shack but the foundation of the business is STRONG and BOLD. 

     Whether you’re getting together with friends or just want to try a new beer with that special someone, you can do either AND dip into some foods that are definitely more exciting than your average pub offerings. I for one am excited to sample a few of the different beers and take advantage of the specials which vary depending on the day. 


Border Grill Fresh-Mex



      There is never a bad time for TACO NIGHT. With that being said, Border Grill Fresh-Mex is one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in Orlando. With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, and a total of 237 reviews, it’s clear to see they have really established a name for themselves. Start your meal off with some fresh chips and GUAC, paired with a strong drink, then give the shredded beef tacos a try. They are well-loved by many, and just one of the many dishes respectively dubbed “AUTHENTIC MEXICAN” by people from near and far. The fact that so many Californians (who grew up on “real” Mexican food, as it is around every corner in that state) speak so highly of this restaurant is enough to make me want to go there.

   With friendly staff, reasonable prices and lovely outdoor seating – what’s not to love? With so many choices in Spanish food in the area, it’s hard to pick a single place to grab a quick bite for lunch or have a get-together for dinner. Whether you want tacos to go our a night out with the family (or a romantic date night), this is probably your best option. Order me a margarita and some shredded beef tacos and I will be there in a jiffy- thanks!

Se7en Bites


      If you’re looking for a tasty breakfast or brunch, or a cozy place to have a specialty dessert, Se7en Bites is the perfect spot for you. Located at 207 North Primrose Drive in Orlando, this charming little bakery goes above and beyond your typical pastry shop. With fresh ingredients and foods all made from scratch with lots of tender love and care, you would be hard pressed to find a better corner to share a Sunday afternoon with a loved one. 

    Some customer favorites are their birthday cake cupcakes, huge waffles and flaky, moist breakfast biscuits. Looking for a little something extra special? The chicken pot pie is one-of-a-kind comfort food to warm up the heart and soul. Orders are placed at the counter then delivered to your table when ready, which adds to the casual bistro feel of the business. This is no fancy pants place to blow dollars unnecessarily- the quality and homey experience will make it well worth your while.

    The bacon better chive scone is the perfect thing for a light breakfast, or the perfect addition to your salad for brunch. If you’re a Nutella fan (I know I am!), there are various types of cookies and pies that incorporate the delicious spread. With so many amazing choices to make, you might want to start by asking yourself the question- “Do I want Sweet? Savory? Or BOTH?” Hey, life is too short to pass up any of this baked goodness, I say try a bite of each!



Texas de Brazil


       This is one of the most unique and delicious places Orlando has to offer. The restaurant is all-you-can-eat, and there are so many choices. There is a large and savory salad bar to begin the meal. With over 50 different options, there is sure to be something for everything. For meats, there is everything from garlic sirloin to bacon-wrapped filet. With a rating of 4.5 stars, and 332 total reviews, it is easy to see that you’re guaranteed to have a great experience here. 

        The service is friendly and attentive, and they will do anything to make sure the dinner guests have a wonderful time. With beautiful decor, one customer describes the restaurant as the best steak house they’ve ever been to- impressive, to say the least. 

       The special dessert which is favored among the customers is fried bananas. Served with a strong and savory coffee, it is the perfect cap to a romantic dinner. Or you can bring the family and catch up on old memories- there is plenty for the kids to eat. The restaurant is located at 5259 International Dr. Check it out, you won’t regret it.